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About us

We are manufacturers and exporters of certified organic cashew kernels, and are located in Goa, a state in Western part of India, from where the world’s best and tastiest cashew nuts are produced, the secret of which lies in its harvesting system, unique only to this state.
We have been processing cashews for over 25 years now. In 2001, we made our foray into the organic market by establishing an Organic Project.
We are the processor company of the project. Konkan Ajanta Agro Products (Producer Club) and Ajanta Organic Cashew Producers Company Limited, are the farmer groups in the project, from whom organically cultivated raw nuts are procured by us at a premium to market prices.
The Project is inspected and certified by Control Union Certifications, and currently meets the following standards:
NPOP, India
Council Regulation EEC 2092/91